Finally i watched the film Oppenheimer.
It made me think about how important the ‘sense of ethics’ of each individual human being in society is.

The ‘sense of ethics’ is constantly changing in the great swell of people’s ‘sense of justice’.
‘Justice’ is a guiding principle for individuals to live by, and sometimes a facade for action. ‘Heroes’ are the shiny cloth over the victims that people hoist in the name of justice.
Education is the basis for people to have a better ‘justice’. Knowledge and thinking skills can foster the ability to look ahead and curb instantaneous emotions (Instant explosion).
Calm judgement and a willingness to compromise are important for understanding others. This practice will create better ‘justice’ in society. (4/4/2024)

I plan to move all of my work to English-language work in the future.
The site for each work will remain open until the domain expiration date.

Everything will be consolidated on this site only.

However, I don’t think I will be able to finish fine-tuning the characters, settings, etc. before the domain expiration date, so there will be a delay in releasing them on this site. (2/23/2024)