“short short story” for new year

Live true to oneself :
Living as yourself isn’t about fighting or running away, it’s about making choices that value your heart.

However, even though I was talking and laughing, I think I had already reached my limit.
I decided to go on a trip because I realised that even if I wanted to be like me and flow with the opinions of people who were not like me, I would not be the “me” that I wanted, even if it was the “me” that the people around me wanted, it was not the “me” that I wanted.
The morning of the trip, I put the bundle of eucalyptus branches from the courtyard on the table, the air cooled, but pleasant.
I close the door, which has been immovable for a long time, and start without any leverage.
Until I return, to my home, for the time being.

”The Adjustment Bureau”

Like the cogs of fate, our destinies intersect.

Mostly, let it flow.
Let the rain fall, let the droplets run through your hair, let the tears hide.
While maintaining a blurred line.

But because fate is not destiny.
You can jump out of the flow, you can do it.
If you have the wit to will it.
If you have the courage to put that will into action.
If you have the tenacity to follow through.

There is no lamentation.
Going with the flow is not a sin.
It is not foolish to go against the flow, nor is it foolish to abandon it.

It is just that the choice must not be left to others.
For your destiny is your own.


Every place to go is a place to bury.Every place has a limited number of people who stand on it.Everyone cannot stop at the same place.

Whether it’s hell for you or heaven for someone else, each step you take becomes your place to stand.

Footprints like a diary, a mirror to reflect the here and now, a schedule like a map, a telephone book to ask for help… The essentials of travelling are not lost if you remain honest with yourself.


A path exists because many people keep going in the same direction.

Even if you are following the path under your feet, you may find yourself standing alone in a desolate place with no one nearby.

However, if you keep walking, somehow people will follow you, and before you know it, there may be people walking in a line.

If you want to be on that path, you have no choice but to keep walking.

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