“Arc in seven” 《writing》

How wonderful historical!!?

There are several races has ability that change things by music and dances.

Hj meet with a man has no name. Hj give a name to a man. Then they begin to know what is the free, and try to make a new future.

HJ :
He lost his parents when he was a small child. Since then, he became a member of a strolling company. He’s a star player now.
He’s an innocent, brimming with curiosity, and caring. So he often get in trouble.
YN :
Hj‘s best friend, and he grew up as with Hj‘s brother in a strolling company. He was given a name from Hj, and has been supported Hj since then.
GM :
He’s a VOICE WEAPON(音声兵器) has no name. He has the strongest power in clan that manipulate all things by singing voice. He knows singing freely since met Hj. And he is given a name from Hj.
CH :
He was born in same clan with Gm. He’s take care of Gm since he was a child. He has talent of FIGHTING DANCE(舞闘). He is given a name from Gm. He knows Gm‘s distress and try to support Gm.
HS :
He has ability of clan BALLISTIC VOICE RANGE(声域弾道). He’s a strongest military attache in his clan history. He’s rustic in his mission, but he’s usually cheerful and he like watching the show of travel entertainer.
P :
He’s a vagrant minstrel. He’s from clan that play decree, but hate inconvenient, and chose the way as a minstrel. He’ s a popular as a beautiful freeman that play enormously sounds. He hate to involve politics, and love freedom. He is respected as a brother by Hj and Yn.
WY :
He’s from a clan that record history by traditional MINSTREL DANCE(吟舞踊). His job as a recorder at castle is not always, so he usually opens the medicinal tea cafe. He produce the show of travel entertainer at the cafe, and collect information from various class people, and record the life people’s life. And he also has a face as a information store master.

(After the sunrise) musical《♪1.♪》 instrument.
P is sitting at a precipice, and playing the instrument.
P look up the sky. And a leaf go to fly with the wind.
The company of the trip go along the bottom. YN and HJ appear from the cart of the company and point to the direction that they go and look at each other and laugh. The cart of the company goes into the castle town. Lively castle town. GM carried on a sedan chair on a big street, CH walks the side, and HS walks the rear more. The party passed front of a tea house. Over the lattice of the tea house, there is WY. WY is writing something, and after that puts a brush pen and stands up. WY go to the next room that small pouches which various names were written over there hangs. WY pass the small room, and go to the stage of the tea house.
P plays a musical instrument on the stage. WY begins to dance. HS appreciates the show happily in a seat. From the lattice of the window, YN and HJ look in happily. P notice at YN and HJ, YN and HJ wave their hand and run in just what happily. A leaf flies to wind on the street. The leaf flies over main street of the castle town and arrives before long to castle.
CH play FIGHTING DANCE outside. GM is reading something towards a desk in the room. When the leaf will arrive to GM, CH catches the leaf. GM looks up. CH closes the door of the room, and from the inside and lets go of a leaf outside again. The leaf is whirled up again and goes to the night sky.


★sad tears, regrettable tears, glad tears, no reason tears
 to the tears which streamed down a heart
 straight light shines
 then, look up, your smile is there

seasons go by, with various feelings
“time to end” and lie down with soaked body
at the time you console me
in that way I can leave there again

☆lightly lightly
 as thoughts, and sometimes with the wind
 you, me, and just a wind
 just like it, gently gently

days go by, without waiting for us
no time to look back, we just follow
we hold each other
in that way we go for not to die

While I wander aimlessly
I know that I came back to the first place again
the well-known place is unknown place now
however i know i also changed
and i look forward
you, just beside me with no change

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