ATEEZ “Johan” 《writing》

Powerful story that looking for what is the important.

00. settings

history ―

2020 Johan project started
2027 1st C.R.(civil impact)
2065 2nd C.R. (rebellion)
2077 COMPANY 50th 《now》

― story ―

Future world.
After the twice C.R.(civilization revolution), the society was integrated, monitored, and dominated by a highly developed security system of the COMPANY (they don’t need the name as the only organization to keep the society properly).
In such a inhuman world, there are young guys have a dream of a mysterious voice “Johan”. They meet like has been drawn, and know the anti social system “Johan code”.
Then they stand up for their society, and face to themselves.

― character ―

●Jh (21 years old)●
…Arms,legs,bone are plastic organized(PO).
He was a sports honor student, but the way was extincted because of half-cyborg. Since his parents (took part in a march against the COMPANY) was killed in front of him, dark place has been trauma. He wants to give back to Yn that raising him since then.

●Yn (25 years old)●
…Eyes,nose,tongue,throat,ears are PO.

Jh is like a his brother. He also lost his parents at rebellion, since then he has been taken care of Jh. He thinks he made Jh half-cyborg, so he has many part-time job for raising Jh. He’s a member of “’52 monkeys”, and an ace agent of this site.

●S (25 years old)●
…Fingers are PO. & hi-speed connecter
He started the site “’52 monkeys”. He’s “shut-in”, “cyber geek”, and upper classes. He has no doubt that mysterious voice is by the only sympathizer. He despair of his parents (become a hero by betraying friends at civil impact). He plots against the COMPANY, invade a COMPANY system.

●Mg (25 years old) ●
…Skin are PO. & extreme connecter
He runs darkness business. He’s a good guy on daytime. High I.Q.
He is finding his parents (suddenly disappeared after rebellion). He made a group “rev.ape” with S. Instead of helping S‘s activity, he infiltrate the COMPANY with fake ID (made from S).

●Sh (25 years old) ●
…All (exc. brain) PO & professional connecter

He’s a talented handyman. A lone wolf. He was the best riot in “wrecks”. He left “wrecks” in the wake of his sister, but W.A.T(Wrecks Assassination Team) made him moribund state. He was rescued by Mg, and then he decided to help Mg‘s business. His policy is not-killing in his mission.

●Hj (26 years old) ●
…tooled plate armor
He’s from ruins St., and made a group “wrecks” bundle the people at younger age. He try to eradicate the COMPANY, and release people from discrimination and poverty. He’s spying with fake ID, and although finding the way to solve peacefully. Sh‘s sister was his girlfriend.

●Wy (22 years old) ●
…Spinal nerves are PO. & professional connecter

He’s a discreet officer on daytime. He’s the only survivor in association of anti-group leaders at civil impact. He’s a leader of W.A.T special forces. He’s a bodyguard of Hj, and a only man knowing Hj‘s thought and support it. He has another personality as a psychotic killer.

●Ys (22 years old) ●

He’s an evangelist of Mimisbrunnr. He’s the first un-limited as a evangelist. He records every history. He is interested in Jh, and approaches Jh. He is looking for the key person to make this world peace, and begin to think Jh.

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