Time goes slowly with cruel.

Who kills Who ?


“DRAGONIA” , a country of the clan that to be descended from ancient dragon.
People has been lived peacefully under the greatest leadership for a long time.
However the country is sometimes attacked by wild tribes, and people has been fought many times.
People begin to hope “STRONGEST LEADER”.


The time moves brother’s destiny.
What will be left on the last?


K :
He’s a leader of clan “DRAGONIA”. He has a charisma as a leader.
He know about R, and sorry for him inwardly.
Y :
K‘s younger brother, and a sub leader of clan. He take care of R since he was very young. He lie to R that he’s also “caved in” in the dark cage.
R :
K‘s youngest brother. He is in a cage of dark cave since he was born. He doesn’t know why he’s here and who he is.
He has a pure heart and respect for Y.

It says misfortune by nature, but then who is it that was the unhappiest among us?
No, we should not talk about the happiness of the person, like we should not talk about own luck.
I just only expect that peace would be given at a moment of their death.

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