“short short story” for new year

Chapter0.Live true to oneself : Living as yourself isn’t about fighting or running away, it’s about making choices that value your heart. However, even though I was talking and laughing, I think I had already reached my limit.I decided to go on a trip because I realised that even if I wanted to be like…Read more


♪ I hope… ♪ ★I hope, that we bond our hearts together, that we face to it together, cuz we are the one it seems far usually,but we are, looking at this,connected, with no differences,now I know ☆days that I just passed I miss them people that I just passed I miss them I think…Read more

“Arc in seven” 《writing》

How wonderful historical!!? 00. SETTINGS-WORLD-There are several races has ability that change things by music and dances. -STORY-Hj meet with a man has no name. Hj give a name to a man. Then they begin to know what is the free, and try to make a new future. -CHARACTER-HJ :He lost his parents when he…Read more


Time goes slowly with cruel. 00.SETTINGSWho kills Who ? -WORLD- “DRAGONIA” , a country of the clan that to be descended from ancient dragon.People has been lived peacefully under the greatest leadership for a long time.However the country is sometimes attacked by wild tribes, and people has been fought many times.People begin to hope “STRONGEST…Read more

ATEEZ “Johan” 《writing》

Powerful story that looking for what is the important. 00. settings ― history ― 2020 Johan project started2027 1st C.R.(civil impact)2065 2nd C.R. (rebellion)2077 COMPANY 50th 《now》 ― story ― Future world.After the twice C.R.(civilization revolution), the society was integrated, monitored, and dominated by a highly developed security system of the COMPANY (they don’t need…Read more